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Saint Louis New Testament Blogs

Enjoy some of the blogs that our church leaders and members have written. They blessed us and we are sure they will be a blessing to you as well.

Love Brought Me Here

by: Melissa Torres



(Written by Kathy Salas)

I once was alone or so I thought
Seeking and sifting through the lies I bought

So many years tossing & turning
when all along my heart was yearning

Yearning for what I didn't know
everything I found was all for show

Lie after lie, fear and doubt
was the only life I really knew about

Empty and broken, lost & confused
I felt as though I was beaten and bruised

by a life that was full of constant deception
knowing nothing else from the moment of my… read more


by: Melissa Torres



Many people do not know whether they are going to heaven or hell when they die. Many have no idea what they must do to get to heaven. Most think that if they live a basically good life, doing more good things than bad things, they will somehow make it to heaven. Others think that if they are a member of a church, give money to the church, and help the poor, they will go to heaven. But the only way to find out what we must do to go to heaven is to read the Bible and find out… read more

Who do you think you are?

by: Melissa Torres



(Written By Kellie Bradley)

Probably the one question I have struggled with most in my life is “who am I”? and “Where do I belong?”

I have met many people desperately searching for that same answer. From my younger days to my 30’s, I found myself searching for the answer through friends, dating, going to clubs. Going on what seemed like endless adventures trying to find my way, only to find myself deeper in trouble financially, physically, confused and more depressed than ever. Doing all of those things left me feeling more confused and more alone. I remember a… read more

If all I had was a cracker, could you use me too?

by: Melissa Torres



(Written by: Pastor Melissa Torres by STLNTC on 06/02/17
I have learned over the years that God can use anyone if they are willing to be used. Years ago, when I was getting trained to go into the ministry, I didn’t feel like I knew enough to feed God’s people with what they needed. I was teaching and praying for people, with my pastors always backing me up, but I still felt like I didn’t know enough to get the job done by myself.

As I was driving to work one morning, I was thinking about when Jesus told the disciples… read more